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Shaving, we all have to do it

We all get up every day facing the prospect of standing in the bathroom getting rid of hair that has appeared en masse over night.

The true art of shaving has been lost over the years. Once a ritual passed from father to son, it has been diminished with the introduction of cheap plastic razors, foams, gels and express techniques to shaving that claim a good shave but usually drag across the skin leaving it damaged and prone to infection.

I think it’s time to lay down the rules. Although shaving can be time consuming getting the ultimate shave is both easy and worth it
...follow these steps and the ultimate shave is only 24 hours away!

First things first...your razor blade should be sharp, depending on the thickness of you beard you will be able to tell when your blade needs changing as your shave and the amount of hair you actually remove will become more difficult.

So many people shave before their shower, this is wrong. For best results you should always shower before your shave as this opens up the pores, makes the bristle stand up and also softens the skin on your face.

The best way to apply the shaving cream is with a shaving brush. Hold the shaving brush under hot water and then apply shaving cream to the brush massaging well into your face in a circular motion (this will lift the hair on your face ensuring that when you shave you get all the hair you want removed)

You should ALWAYS shave with the grain of your beard (not against the grain as this will cause spots and irritation known as shaver’s rash). A helpful tip is to use your free hand to keep the section of your face taught, this will allow a smooth strokes, complete each section of your face individually this will ensure no part of your beard is missed. Always work in small strokes rinsing the blade as you progress, this ensures good contact with the skin at all times.

For a closer shave, after you have finished shaving with the grain, you can shave across the grain. This is will not irritate the skin unlike shaving against the grain.

When you have completed the shave, wash your face with cold water to close the pores. Towel dry you face (patting it rather than rubbing) and then apply your moisturiser. Moisturising re-hydrates the skin putting back essential oils and moisture that shaving strips away. This will leave your face feeling very smooth and comfortable.

Apply your cologne. We recommend cologne rather than aftershave, as cologne has a third more concentrated fragrance. The fragrance of aftershaves tend to fade after about four hours where as cologne will last most of the day.

If you require any information on shaving problems, please do not hesitate to contact me by email.

Happy Shaving! Jeff